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30 june the pups are born, 1 male and 2 females.

6 june at the Internationale dogshow Oss, Thierry van Nikaron, NJK became in the open class 1 excellent, CAC/CACIB. 

30 and 31 may at the N.V.B.H. show, Thierry van Nikaron, NJK and Ursus van Nikaron, JWK, Lux. Youth Ch. BW-NL '15 became both excellent in the open class.  U-Youky van Nikaron (out of coat) became in the open class very good.

Both males passed the behaviour test with succes.


Saturday 9 may at the Europa Sieger Ausstellung Dortmund, Ursus van Nikaron, JWK, Lux. Youth Ch. BW-NL '15 became in the open class 1 excellent RCAC/RCACIB. 

We expect puppies end of june from Champ. p.E. Rusen van Nikaron, NJK, JW'10, HD-A   and   Multi Champ. Grimmendans Iroquoi, HD-A, IPO 3

Saturday 18 april Taco (Topaz) van Nikaron passed his  certificate  IPO1-A.

Congratulations Annemarie.

Blog and news

New pictures of  Udex van Nikaron

Ursus van Nikaron, NJK, Lux. youth CH. got in the class intermediate 1 Excellent, CAC/CACIB and B.O.B. In the ring of honnor, he was selected by the last 6 He got his title BWNL15. 

Thierry van Nikaron,  HD A, Norbergwaarde 40.
 Van harte gefeliciteerd Niek en Helma Visch.